How to Build a Social Media Brand

I know that we all know of some people that seemingly spend their time of social media like it is nothing. We can all relate to stories about a person who spends tons of hours each day scrolling down Facebook timelines jumping from one profile to the next and their not even paid to do any of those stuff. It just feels wrong sometimes to even just look at the guy and not tell him to get a real life, but then you have to get ready for a real argument. These types are so into updating their digital life that they are more than willing to protect it against any foreign intruders.

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I sometimes stumble across this thought because it pains me that as an internet marketer, at least I get something out of being engaged in social media and they don’t. Then there are days when I feel that there’s a lot more people better at my job than I do. I’m sure there are other internet marketers out there that feel the same I do. It’s actually funny the way I cringe when I see an individual on my friends list, circles and followings that has more online authority than I do. They’ve got more presence than I do because they certainly do a lot more interacting to other people that I can ever accomplish with my day.

Now to defend myself, investing time on social media marketing is far from being the only task of an internet marketer. My day gets spread out towards building back links, creating content for websites, writing blogs posts and managing comments on the sites I’m maintaining. Having said that, I hope you see (for those non-internet marketers reading) that the mistake of spreading your efforts too thin becomes increasingly common as the number of marketing channels multiply as well. That is one clear advantage of those people solely dedicating their day on propagating nonprofit thoughts in social media.

Establishing a social media brand requires a lot of the same actions people wasting away their personal time on Facebook and Twitter does. To catch up, people like me who am doing this as a profession use website tools that provides the service of automating much of the stuff that needs to be done on these separate platforms. The race has begun between programmers, developers and service providers of these websites to present professional the best possible tool to help them with their daily struggles. I’ve recently come across one such tool. It’s called “IFTTT”. Apparently it stands for “if this then that”. I have yet to master all of the capabilities of this website which requires a visitor to sign up and become a user.

I’m sure you’ve used email clients and if you’re familiar with its rules and triggers functionality, the tool I’m telling you about basically works the same way. This new development is another tool that needs to be challenged if someone like me is to move forward. As you can see, the stage where we are in, like sand – is ever shifting.

Coming up with a Wonderful Business Idea

HNCK1708-1300x866There are stories about how some companies were founded over a diner table with plans written on paper napkins. For a lot of companies and innovative products this is basically it. A business idea hibernates, it comes together in the unconscious and then projects itself at the most inappropriate times. Ideas men usually have pen and paper always with them in order to write down these ideas. It could happen at a diner, a cafeteria, while eating or driving, or even in the middle of the night. Sometimes these ideas make sense, other times some more analysis is needed before it becomes understandable.

Write It Down and Ponder

At the beginning, an idea is like a hint. There is no proof that it works. It takes some understanding of how an item works, how it can be used and what the current alternatives are. Even with the most common objects like shoes, there are a lot of things which can be done to improve them. Shoes, for instance. Nike grew out of an idea for a better running shoe. It revolutionized the sport of running by introducing the wedge sole. Crocs is another company which grew beyond the founders’ wildest dreams. It was initially thought up as a durable regular everyday plastic shoe.

Protect your Reputation

These ideas germinated and was born of an idea. Usually the idea is to make something better, or to replace a set of things and processes with a single unified item and a simplified process. Either way, you have to ensure that the online reputation of your business is kept solid. Check out Load Spark if you want to learn more on how important positive reviews are in a new business or a start-up.
Sometimes, the initial idea makes sense. Most times, it disrupts the common paradigm and looks like it does not have any chance at success. It requires more thought, and a different perspective.

An idea does not have to make sense to you. However, there is bound to be someone for whom it makes sense. An aerobics shoe does not make sense if nobody does aerobics. The same goes for a yoga mat. You would have to wonder why yoga mats come in off-beat colors like purple, lavender, fuschia and old rose.

Think Differently

You might have to think hard about the idea and look at different perspectives. It is possible that it might not work. You have to find out both why it should work, and why it looks like it won’t. Pick at the small things. As long as it is an idea, you can turn it around and on its head. At some point it will take shape, you would see not only how it work but also why. At this point you would begin to see what it should look like. You would have an idea in your head or in your notes about how large this is.